The Sims Mobile Stranger than Fiction Story

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We have a new story in The Sims Mobile! This is the first story that has been added since 2019!

Please don’t read this whole post if you don’t want any story spoilers.


How do I unlock this story? The lovely llama heirloom to unlock this story is available on the paid track of The Sims Mobile Sim Festival Season 6: Spring Forward at tier 45.




Story Name: Stranger than Fiction
Story Category: Relationship Story
Story Subtitle Rivalry-Romance Story
Story Starter Event Romance Event;
Number of Chapters 10
Number of Events: 10
Unlock Type Heirloom
Heriloom Name Lovely Llama Heirloom
Heirloom Cost Sell for 1 Luxe ticket


Chapter: 1

Chapter name: Unpleasant Acquaintance

Chapter Summary: I may have finally found a tolerable person in an otherwise insufferable town!

Relationship level: 1

Opening dialogue:

SimX: You are the least objectionable person I have met in this ‘charming’ little hamlet. Join me for a cup of tea, will you?

SimY: Wow, don’t you know how to make someone feel special.

SimX: I’m taking that as a yes. Oh, you are writing a fiction blog, so you’re not in the middle of anything important! 

Closing dialogue: 

SimY: Yes, I walked out! You wouldn’t stop talking about yourself, and it was boring me to death. My survival instincts kicked in!

SimX: Oh, is that so? I shouldn’t have expected much from a town that smells like manure. Small towns harbor small-mindedness, after all.

SimY: I never forget a face, but in your case, I’ll be glad to make an exception!

Event type: Mean


Chapter: 2

Chapter name: Annoying Assistance

Chapter Summary: Maybe they can help me with what I’m in this town for?

Relationship level: 2

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: I suppose I must tell you why I am here. I am looking into small-town life and its people.

SimX: A thought crossed my mind – maybe you can help me with my work?

SimY: A thought crossed your mind? It must have been a rather long and lonely journey.

SimX: Considering how few people must visit this place, can you afford to be this unpleasant to someone new?

Closing dialogue: 

SimY: I can’t believe they sent a cynical misanthrope like you to study small-town life and happiness!

SimX: Oh, I may be a cynic, but I’m not the only one.

Venue: Town Square Cafe

Event type: Mean


Chapter: 3

Chapter name: Cynic Counterpart

Chapter Summary: I don’t understand why but I am drawn to them

Relationship level: 3

Opening dialogue: 

SimY: You are the last person I want to ask for help, but you also are the only one around…

SimX: Where I am from, we don’t expect help from people we are rude to. Lucky for you, I’m in a giving mood.

SimY: The laptop with which I write my blog is not turning on! I would appreciate your help in repairing it.

Closing dialogue: 

SimY: Ever since you moved into town, everyone only ever talks about you. I still don’t get what the fuss is all about.

SimX: Is this the small-town hospitality I was promised? Well, I must say I’m somewhat disappointed.

SimY: Hmph, I knew asking for your help was a mistake! I am glad you are not very agreeable; it saves me the trouble of liking you!

Event type: Mean


Chapter: 4

Chapter name: Worlds Apart

Chapter Summary: They are so different from me! I shall help them see the error of their ways.

Relationship level: 4

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: Oh, by the way, I read the new story in your blog. Other than the few moments of clever satire, it’s mostly all fluff.

SimY: How magnanimous! Maybe someday, you’ll understand the difference between nuance and fluff!

SimX: Who will do the actual work if we all get our head in the clouds with silly make-believe?

Closing dialogue: 

SimX: You actually keep up with me! I want you to read some of my work and find a better way to apply yourself than fiction.

SimY: Sure, I can’t wait to read your academic writing! Where even the most exciting of topics sound anticlimactic!

SimX: Is that sarcasm? I wish to change the world with my work! I insist you give it a try

Venue: Town Square Cafe

Event type: Mean


Chapter: 5

Chapter name: Amorous Advances

Chapter Summary: Baked goods to call a truce and maybe more?

Relationship level: 5

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: Okay, before you characteristically lose your cool, I have to cancel our reading session.

SimY: Are you really blowing me off?! That too after I agreed to read something I absolutely dread!

SimX: I swear it is for a good reason. There’s something I’d like to show you, just follow me.

Closing dialogue: 

SimY: The stories say big city folk only behave wisely after exhausting all other alternatives. I can’t believe you planned all this!

SimX: Recreating this elaborate picnic from your blog story was a wise decision, I presume?

SimX: Don’t deny those were the best blueberry tarts you’ve ever tasted!

SimY: I don’t deny it! You surprised me today. Maybe there is more to what the stories say – the truth might just be stranger than fiction.

Venue: Downtown Civic Center

Event type: Mean

Reward: Frisky Fun Sweater (Male and Female)


Chapter: 6

Chapter name: Advanced Affection

Chapter Summary: Success! I’ve now got the perfect plan to express my feelings for them!

Relationship level: 6

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: I’m glad that you’re here, dear. I got you something, and I think you’re going to love it!

SimY: If I weren’t in my right mind, I would say that you were trying to woo me.

SimX: Would that be too outrageous? My present will be here soon, let’s wait at my place.

Closing dialogue: 

SimX: Here is my gift to you! This is a symbol of my affection. Err, watch your feet…

SimY: A llama?! Are you giving me a farm animal because of my background or because you are a terrible gifter?

SimY: And just when I thought things were going well! I am off!

Event type: Flirty


Chapter: 7

Chapter name: Charming Bantermates

Chapter Summary: So, my brilliant plan was not so brilliant. How can I fix this?

Relationship level: 7

Opening dialogue: 

SimY: I was pretty offended by your “gift” at first, you know.

SimY: But, you simply must continue to make more of those hysterical decisions!

SimX: Did you get pleasure out of my ill-thought-out mistake?

SimY: Yes, I did get a laugh or two out of it! I live in a rather uneventful place and crave amusement. You amuse me.

Closing dialogue: 

SimX: Since I clearly got it wrong with the llama, what would you recommend to display affection?

SimY: Fiction has given us grand tales of love and being loved. I could recommend some classics!

SimX: You impose your silly stories upon me again. Very well, since you recommend them, I will learn from those classics.

Event type: Flirty


Chapter: 8

Chapter name: Ardently Lovers

Chapter Summary: These stories stir something in me I thought impossible. Maybe they were right?

Relationship level: 8

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: I may not be very good at this, but I have to give it one more try. I will not bother you again if it displeases you.

SimY: This again? What farm animal do I get this time?

SimX: Nothing like that. I read that moonlit walks next to lakes are pretty romantic. Would that interest you?

Closing dialogue: 

SimY: That was wonderful! I’ve never seen you so… “not-uptight” before. I like that.

SimX: I’ve begun to believe that general incivility is the very essence of love.

SimY: That’s from my favorite book! Did you read it because of me?

Venue: Twinbrook Restaurant

Event type: Flirty


Chapter: 9

Chapter name: Beyond Beloved

Chapter Summary: My work takes me back to the city. I must prepare to leave. Unless?

Relationship level: 9

Opening dialogue: 

SimX: I confess that my study on small-town life is almost finished.

SimY: Oh. Doesn’t this mean you will have to leave?

SimX: Not yet; I think there is still some studying to do…

Closing dialogue: 

SimX: My pride almost made me look past something very dear to me now.

SimY: And you made me look beyond my prejudice to see who you really are. Must you leave?

SimX: We both know I am not going anywhere. I’m going to hold your hand now, and I hope that’s okay with you.

SimY: It is.

Event type: Flirty


Chapter: 10

Chapter name: Eternally Together

Chapter Summary: Heart of my heart, my beloved is my own

Relationship level: 10

Rewards: Fly-away Balloon Sleeve Dress and Laid-back Solid Suit



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    March 28, 2022 / 10:10 pm

    Not a fan of the clothing that unlocks.

    Definitely a fan of your blog though!

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