The Sims Mobile Spring Cleanup quest steps+prizes!

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We finally have more details about the mysterious new quest coming to The Sims Mobile.

The ‘Spring Cleanup’ quest consists of two 7 day quests that will grant you karma tokens to spend on boxes to unlock ‘new‘ prizes.

Here are the quest steps for each week…


…and the prizes…



There will also be a pack that runs alongside each week’s quest.

This will cost $2.99 and run from 20th-22nd February and 26th-28th February (10am local time start and finish).


You can get more details in my latest video!



… and now the quest is live you can see the swatches here…



UPDATE: A few people have asked me if it’s worth continuing the quest for karma tokens if you have all the rewards from the spring cleanup. They won’t be used for anything else after this quest but will be converted to currency when the event ends.

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