The Sims FreePlay Coastal Living Update

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The Sims Freeplay have another update going live on the 14th June 2021 and this time it’s all about Coastal Living.

Here’s all the info you need from the official blog complete with images of all the prizes!

“Sul Sul,

Whether your Sims enjoy the seaside or look forward to a beach vacation, the coast holds a special place in everyone’s heart! Create fond memories and bring the colors of the ocean inside your home with effortless style. The rewards in this update are inspired by neutral tones, marine life, beach and timber textures that encompass the charm of coastal living. Every day will feel like a day at the beach!


Pride Month

Happy Pride Month! Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that while Pride is a time for celebration, it’s also a moment for reflection and solidarity. We appreciate having Simmers just like you in our player community and are grateful for your passion that continually helps shape the future of FreePlay! We’re gifting everyone a free ‘Pride Pack’ that includes 19 official flags and a new funky rainbow side hairstyle for male and female Sims! Head to the online store now. 


Sim Springs – New Town and Neighborhood


You’ve been asking for more places to build without demolishing all of your favorite lots in SimTown! Well, our game team have been hard at work creating a new town and neighborhood for you to do just that! Welcome to Sim Springs – a huge tumbleweed town with untapped potential waiting for your Sims to rebuild from the ground up! Do your Sims have what it takes to save Sim Springs from an oily fate? 


Available to all players from Level 20, visit the new bus stop in SimTown to travel to Sim Springs. The brand-new map location is divided up into a series of neighborhoods, with the first neighborhood launching in this update called Sandy Suburbs. It isn’t quite a blank slate though – there are four “fixer upper” house lots in Sandy Suburbs that all need a little bit of love, so it’s time to renovate! As you upgrade and improve the town to make it a better place for your Sims to live, you’ll see visual upgrades that transform it into a real oasis! 


There are many rewards for upgrading Sim Springs, which also include brand new autonomy skills for your Sims! Sims of all age groups will be able to read books, use a laptop and study at a desk everywhere once you’ve unlocked them. 




Influence Island Events! 

Are you ready to use your powers of persuasion in our upcoming Influence Island events? Visit the remote island to enter into the Survivor-inspired gameshow experience to influence celebrity Sims to join your clan! In Season 11, unlock outdoor nautical prizes to bring the beach to your back door. Your Sims will love sitting by a metal firepit, hosting a party for friends at the outdoor kitchen benches with BBQ, change house, setting with umbrella, rocking seat with cushions, even coastal outfits for toddlers! 


Convert your Sims’ basement into a beautiful wine cellar! Pick out the perfect room or unused corner to transform into way more than a room full of bottles in racks on shelves, using rewards from Influence Island Season 12. Showcase your style and taste with high end provincial decorative lighting, tall bookshelf and L-shaped wine bottle wall storage, stonework wallpaper and flooring, kitchen bench tops and cabinetry, staircase with hidden wine bottle storage, rounded bar display, bar fridge, tall bar table and chairs with a fancy cheeseboard and more! 


Later in the update, Influence Island Season 13 brings new Art Deco décor rewards inspired by our Roaring 20’s ‘Belle Hotel’ live event. As you influence Sims to join your clan, earn prizes for your Sims to indulge in a ritzy bedroom and bathroom suite makeover that includes luxurious black and gold décor, bookshelves, grand piano, flooring and wallpaper, quad-sized door frames and vintage-inspired female fur coat outfits! 


SimChase Season 30: Seaside Strife!

Rugs ahoy, Simmers! Starting 15 June, race against rival Sandy Beech, in SimChase Season 30: Seaside Strife! Be inspired by contemporary coastal décor that showcases how you could refresh your home with a relaxed beachside vibe that has all the finishing touches, whether you’re near the water or not! The rewards include wall hanging surfboards, new cat bed and doghouse, stripe rugs in many square and rectangular sizes, leaf pattern wallpaper, triple and quad sized bi-fold doors and coastal outfits for teen female and male Sims!


‘Captivating Coast’ Live Event 

Starting 24 June, your Sims will love the sophisticated spin on the coastal-chic grand prize beach house in the Captivating Coast live event. Craft resources along the 10-day event to earn rewards that are filled with statement seaside décor inspired by the colors of the beach: seafoam green ombre wallpaper, ocean blue rugs, shell décor, driftwood shiplap flooring, hanging plants and freestanding surfboards. The coastal home on a brand new unique lot featuring beach surrounds is designed for those who love to live with the beach just a stone’s throw away or have been dreaming of the perfect seaside vacation house!


Home Store Category – Pets! 

Over the past few updates, we’ve made changes to the visibility of a number of, ‘Home Store’ categories! Because your Sims can unlock an adorable new dog kennel and cat bed in our latest SimChase Season 30 event, we’re surfacing the ‘Pets’ category! If you haven’t unlocked this feature, it’ll be locked/greyed out, but with clear instructions on the requirements and path you’ll need to take to access the ‘A Puppy Odyssey’ Quest!  

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all events begin 7AM UTC):

  • NEW Pride Month Free Pack 2021: Available for 30 days from 14 June 
  • NEW Influence Island Season 11 – Yacht Club: 10-day event starting from 15 June
  • NEW SimChase Season 30: Seaside Strife! 9-day event starting from 15 June
  • NEW ‘Captivating Coast’ Live Event: 10-day event starting Thursday 24 June
  • ‘Styles of Time’ Time Capsule Quest Player Favorite Rerun: 14-day event starting from 28 June
    • NEW Maternity Pack 21 – Start a Pregnancy Event between 28 June – 6 July, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards!
  • NEW Influence Island Season 12 – Wine Cellar: 10-day event starting from 2 July
  • NEW Influence Island Season 13 – Art Deco V2: 10-day event starting from 15 July 
  • ‘Romantic Garden’ Live Event Rerun: 10-day event starting 15 July
  • ‘Long Hair Event’ Hobby Rerun: 7-day event starting from 16 July
  • SimChase S10: Floral Feud Rerun: 7-day event starting from 16 July


Prize images.


Captivating Coast Live Event.


Free Pride pack


Influence Island Season 11 – Yacht Club


Influence Island Season 12 – Wine Cellar


Influence Island Season 13


Long Hair Hobby Event V1


Maternity Pack 21


Player Favourites – Time Capsule


Romantic Garden Live Event


Sim Springs


SimChase Season 10 – Floral Feud


SimChase Season 30 – Seaside Strife



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