The Sims Mobile Eco Workshop complete prize list

Presented by EA gamechangers.

This is EVERYTHING you can currently be offered in the Eco Workshop.

Where they are from is in bold, followed by the items available from those events/LTO’s, etc (an LTO is a pack).

These items can be offered once or multiple times. I’ve noted which each object is next to it.

OnceOnly: can only appear in the shop if it hasn’t been unlocked before (this applies to most items)

Repeatable: can always appear in the shop

Fallback: can only appear in the shop after ALL the OnceOnly prizes have been unlocked

Really hope this helps!


Anniversary – Dispenser LTO

Delightful Anniversary Display (Repeatable)

Life’s a Rose Jacket (Once only)

On Track Jacket (Once only)

Harmonious Hat (Once only)

Anniversary – Free LTO

Sweet Stripes Boat Neck (Once only)

Jack of Diamonds Shirt (Once only)

Anniversary – Milestone

Party Animal Gnome (Once only)

Anniversary Decorations (Once only)

Basketball Hoop (Repeatable)

Basketball Court (Repeatable)

Drink Bucket (Once only)

Baby BBQ Grill (Once only)

Teak Chair (Once only)

Teak Umbrella Table (Once only)

Anniversary – Quest

Karaoke Jamboree (Repeatable)

Country Accents Collection – Base Game

Marvell’s Pastoral Paradise (Fallback)

Country Accents Toilet (Fallback)

Country Accents Sink (Fallback)

Country Accents Wall Sconce (Fallback)

Country Accents Jug o’ Flowers (Fallback)

Country Accents Rug (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Collection – Base Game

Crown Jewel Dining Table (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Dining Chair (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Curtain (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Curio Display (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Alley Jazz (Fallback)

Crown Jewel Rose Trio (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Collection – Base Game

Fancy Abbey Double Bed (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Nightstand (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Alarm Clock (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Mirror (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Sundrop Wall Sconce (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Rug (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Single Bed (Fallback)

Fancy Abbey Wall Mirror (Fallback)

Halloween – Dispenser LTO

Candy Cauldron (Once only)

Unicorn Mask (Once only)

Halloween – Milestone

Gravestone Trio (Repeatable)

Winged Gargoyle (Repeatable)

Scare Bear (Repeatable)

Grim Gary Gnome (Once only)

Candy Bowl (Once only)

Undead Bride Necklace (Once only)

Undead Bride (Once only)

Undead Bride Hair (Once only)

Undead Bride Makeup (Once only)

Halloween – Milestone – Heirloom

Ghostly Figure (Once only)

Halloween – Prize Store Item

Skull Rug (Once only)

Bat Rug (Once only)

Pumpkin Rug (Once only)

Spooky Armchair (Once only)

Spooky Sofa (Repeatable)

Spooky Table (Once only)

Bubbling Cauldron (Repeatable)

Windenburg Armor (Once only)

Can Do Jumpsuit (Once only)

Witch Dress (Once only)

Can Do Headwear (Once only)

Witch Hat (Once only)

Cat Makeup (Once only)

Fairy Makeup (Once only)

Windenburg Armor (Once only)

Undead Groom Tuxedo (Once only)

Undead Groom Hat (Once only)

Undead Groom Makeup (Once only)

Mr. Muscles (Once only)

Windenburg Helmet (Once only)

Horse Mask (Once only)

Pumpkin Mask (Once only)

Stitches Makeup (Once only)

Halloween – Quest

Pumpkin Helper (Repeatable)

Grand Pumpkin Display (Repeatable)

Mystic’s Table (Repeatable)

Worthy Pumpkin Tree (Repeatable)

Harvestfest – Dispenser LTO

Bountiful Harvest Display (Once only)

Autumn Accents Earrings (Once only)

Athleisure Fleece (Once only)

Hipster Hygge Coat (Once only)

Harvestfest – Heirloom

Pumpkin Spice Storybook (Once only)

Harvestfest – Mbox

Horn of Plenty (Repeatable)

Harvestfest Pie Rack (Once only)

Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles (Repeatable)

Table of Plenty (Repeatable)

Large Leaf Pile (Repeatable)

Award-Winning Gourd Stuffie (Repeatable)

Little Pile of Leaves (Once only)

Glorious Squash Set (Once only)

Artisanal Glass Pumpkin Trio (Once only)

Festive Fall Wreath (Once only)

Autumnal Evening Lanterns (Once only)

Fall Foliage Tree (Repeatable)

Fall Bounty Fireplace (Repeatable)

Sparkling Apple Juice Press (Once only)

Harvest Gnome (Once only)

Horseshoe Pit (Once only)

Leggings As Pants (Once only)

Cool-Weather Classic Vest (Once only)

Leggings As Pants (Once only)

Bountiful Beard (Once only)

Lumberjacket (Once only)

Monarch Collection – Base Game

Monarch Sofa (Fallback)

Monarch Coffee Table (Fallback)

Monarch Loveseat (Fallback)

Monarch Accent Table (Fallback)

Monarch Vase (Fallback)

Monarch Rug With Borders (Fallback)

Monarch Seaside Painting (Fallback)

Outdoor BBQ – MBox

Summer Umbrella Table (Once only)

Summer Steely Arms Chair (Once only)

Summer Drink Tray (Once only)

Summer Chill Tower (Once only)

Summer BBQ Grill Deluxe (Fallback)

Summer Dining Chair (Once only)

Summer Padded Dining Chair (Once only)

Summer Steely Arms Loveseat (Once only)

Summer Illumination Light (Repeatable)

Stoic Stanely Gnome (Once only)

Cannonball Smiles Gnome (Once only)

Praise the Sun Gnome (Once only)

Summer Lantern (Repeatable)

Crop it to Me Outfit (Once only)

Summer Chic Jumpsuit (Once only)

Soft Spot for Softness Outfit (Once only)

Cool at the Pool Cover-Up (Once only)

The Original Haute Dog – male (Once only)

Pierced Braids (Once only)

Braided Mohawk (Once only)

Styled Pixie Cut (Once only)

Lion Bomber Jacket (Once only)

Going Out Jacket Combo (Once only)

The Original Haute Dog – female (Once only)

A Pompadour for All Circumstance (Once only)

I Like Spikes Hairstyle (Once only)

Floral Breeze (Once only)

Ultra Posh Glasses (Once only)

Vented Hiking Hat (Once only)

The Class Haute Dog Cap (Once only)

Outdoor BBQ – Quest

Wild Flower Growth (Once only)

Large Summer Accent Bush (Once only)

Summer Shrubs (Once only)

Summer Accent Bush (Once only)

Summer Wild Flowers (Once only)

Blanket Arizona (Once only)

Flowering Summer Shrubbery (Once only)

Grand Flower Box (Once only)

Gardener’s Cart (Once only)

Gushing Flowers Fountain (Once only)

Restful Rustic Collection – Base Game

Restful Rustic Mirror (Fallback)

Restful Rustic Single Bed (Fallback)

Mission Style Dresser (Fallback)

Royal Flush Bathroom Collection LTO

Royal Flush Toilet (Fallback)

Royal Flush Vanity (Fallback)

Royal Flush Bathtub (Fallback)

The Griddler Collection – Base Game

Griddler Savor Saver Refrigerator (Fallback)

The Griddler (Fallback)

Griddler Counter (Fallback)

Griddler Sink (Fallback)

Griddler End Counter Left (Fallback)

Griddler End Counter Right (Fallback)

Griddler Inner Corner Counter (Fallback)

Griddler Outer Corner Counter (Fallback)

The Griddler Griddling Utensils (Fallback)

Toasy and Cozy Collection – Base Game

Rummager Sofa (Fallback)

Java Coffee Table (Fallback)

Smar-T-Pants Books (Fallback)

Emerald Beauty Plant (Fallback)

Rare Vintage Books (Fallback)

Hearth Time (Fallback)

ValentinesDay – Dispenser LTO

Love’s in the Air Dress (Once only)

Swept Sweetheart (Once only)

Love’s in the Air Pumps (Once only)

ValentinesDay – Heirloom

Bitter Valentine Storybook (Once only)

ValentinesDay – LTO

Sweethearts’ Canopy Bed (Repeatable)

Sweetheart’s Chemise (Once only)

Burning Love Boxers (Once only)

Burning Love Boxers (Once only)

ValentinesDay – Mbox

Romantic Rose Petals (Once only)

Sweethearts’ Loveseat (Repeatable)

Sweethearts’ Ottoman (Once only)

Modest Love Room Divider (Repeatable)

Love Notes (Once only)

Eau De Sul Sul (Once only)

ValentinesDay – Milestone

Baby Love Bear (Once only)

Love as Strong as Oak (Once only)

Flowering Love Urn (Repeatable)

Divine Beauty Statue (Repeatable)

Lil’ Suitor Gnome (Once only)

Growing Love Gown (Once only)

Growing Love Tux (Once only)

ValentinesDay – Quest

Lover’s Rose (Repeatable)

Lover’s Vase (Repeatable)

Lover’s Grand Bouquet (Repeatable)

ValentinesDay – Shop Item

Dotted Skater Skirt (Once only)

Floral Skater Skirt (Once only)

Vintage Bob (Once only)

Splash of Love Tee (Once only)

Open Hearts Button-Up (Once only)

Sweetheart Halter Top (Once only)

Sweetheart Tube Top (Once only)

Boot-cut Slacks (Once only)

Tropical Chinos (Once only)

Let’s Roll Button Up (Once only)

Winterfest – Dispenser LTO

Cold Feet Carl (Once only)

Presents O’ Plenty (Repeatable)

Bundled Up Buttons (Once only)

Winterfest – Mbox

Happy Hanukkah Garland (Once only)

Starstruck (Repeatable)

Garlands of Eden (Repeatable)

Family of Firs (Repeatable)

Freezer Bunny Bells (Once only)

Landgraab Strands (Repeatable)

Landgraab String Lights (Repeatable)

Midnight Magic Centerpiece (Once only)

Elegant Kinara (Once only)

Winter Glimmer Kinara (Once only)

Harvest Garland (Once only)

Brilliant Menorah (Once only)

Auld Lang Shine Garland (Repeatable)

Luminous Lanterns (Once only)

Traditional Menorah (Once only)

Pining For You Candles (Once only)

Joyous Kwanzaa Artwork (Once only)

Bows and Baubles Wreath (Once only)

Visions of Sugarplumbobs Garland (Once only)

Visions of Sugarplumbobs Holiday Wreath (Once only)

Winterfest – Milestone

Winterfest Gifts (Repeatable)

Foraging Timber Reindeer (Once only)

Shady Surfing Santa (Once only)

Holiday Hearth (Repeatable)

Spruced Up Fir (Once only)

Father Winter’s Robes (Once only)

Winterfest Hat (Once only)

Winterfest – Prize Store Item

Winterfest Display Table (Repeatable)

Snowflake Splendor Inlay Table (Once only)

Iced Cookie Inlay Table (Once only)

Sparkling Snowflakes Table Runner (Once only)

All Spruced Up Holiday Tree (Once only)

Snowy Night Table (Once only)

Cozy Plaid Table Runner (Once only)

New Year’s Cheers Sequined Table (Once only)

Visions of Sugarplumbobs Holiday Tree (Once only)

Winterfest Tights (Once only)

Mother Winter’s Robes (Once only)

Ice Princess Dress (Once only)

Winter Empress Dress (Once only)

Upper East Side Winter Coat (Once only)

Ice Princess Hair (Once only)

Faux Fur Hat (Once only)  Unisex

Freezer Bunny Sweater (Once only)

Reindeer Games Sweater (Once only)

Snowman Oh Man Sweater (Once only)

You’re Very Rein-Dear To Me Sweater (Once only)

Winter Gala Tux (Once only)

Winterfest Pajamas (Once only)

Father Winter’s Beard (Once only)

Father Winter’s Hair (Once only)

Freezer Bunny Sweater (Once only)

Reindeer Games Sweater (Once only)

Snowman Oh Man Sweater (Once only)

Winterscape Sweater (Once only)

Winter Wanderer Peacoat (Once only)

Elfy Revelry Hat (Once only)

Warm for the Holidays Hat (Once only)

Winterfest – Quest

First Lieutenant Walnut (Once only)

Colonel Hazelnut (Once only)

Major-General Chestnut (Once only)

World of Luxury – Dispenser LTO

Gilded Box Trio (Once only)

World of Luxury – Mbox

Luxurious Vessel (Once only)

Luxurious Bubble Bar (Once only)

Luxuriously Ornate Divider (Repeatable)

Little Luxuries Plush Pouf (Once only)

Luxuriously Lavish Loveseat (Repeatable)

Luxuriously Sumptuous Rug (Repeatable)

Luxurious Hanging Lantern (Repeatable)

Luxuriously Elegant Mirror (Repeatable)

Luxuriously Lush Tapestry (Repeatable)

Little Luxuries Accent Table (Repeatable)

Little Luxuries Tea Set (Repeatable)

Luxuriously Ornate Double Door (Repeatable)

Luxuriously Ornate Lattice Window (Once only)

Eco Workshop Only

Teeny-Tiny Wall Planter (Once only)

Eco Conscious Plant (Repeatable)

Illamanati Confidential Quest Reward

Chateau Suit [Slot 3] Male (Once only)

Gothic Glamour Blouse [Slot 2] Female (Once only)

Illamanati Suit [Slot 4] Female (Once only)

Anytime Activewear Jacket [Slot 1] Male (Once only)

Beta Item

Wall Planter [Slot 2] (Repeatable)

Loyalty Reward

Unbearably Cute Costume [Slot 3] Unisex (Once only)

Unbearably Cute Hat [Slot 3] Unisex (Once only)

Opulent Armor Statue [Slot 3] (Repeatable)

Bob Pancakes’ Robe [Slot 2] Male (Once only)


The Perfect Fit Quest Reward

Sporty Hoodie [Slot 2] Male (Once only)

Right on Track Tracksuit [Slot 4] Female (Once only)

Preppy Ponytail [Slot 3] Female (Once only)


Beta Items

Women’s Clothing rack [Slot 2] (Repeatable)

Men’s Clothing rack [Slot 2] (Repeatable)

Smoke-B-Gone Oven Hood [Slot 3] (Repeatable)

Coat Tree [Slot 2] (Repeatable)


Super Throwdown League

Dart through the ages [Slot 1] (Repeatable)

Competition Juicing Station [Slot 3] (Repeatable)

Knolling Bottle Nook [Slot 4] (Repeatable)

Forever Friday Jacket [Slot 2] Female (Once only)

Downtime Button-Up [Slot 1] Male (Once only)

Wave of Color [Slot 3] Female (Once only)




Super Throwdown League (Milestone item)

Sharp as Attack [Slot 4] (Repeatable)


Super Throwdown League (Mystery box)

A Splash of Dart [Slot 3] (Repeatable)

Fit for Competition [Slot 2] (Repeatable)

You’re Pulling My Leg Jeans Combo [Slot 2] Female (Once only)

Riverbed Rolled Shorts [Slot 1] Male (Once only)

Well-Suited Jumpsuit [Slot 3] Female (Once only)


Date Night Pack

Skip to Dessert Stiletto Pumps [Slot 1] Female (Once only)

“Woke Up Like This” Hairstyle [Slot 3] Male (Once only)




Date Night Décor LTO (common tokens)

Well Loved Candles [Slot 2] (Once only)

Starlight Tree [Slot 2] (Once only)


Date Night Décor Luxe LTO (royal tokens)

Starlight Sitter [Slot 3] (Once only)


Steel Silk Modern LTO 2018

Eclectic Simsmopolitan Light [Slot 4] (Once only)


Cross Promotions

Mean Sims Movie Poster [Slot 3] (Once only)


Back to School – MysteryBox

Daily Cropped Sweater [Slot 1] Female (Once only)

Fall Cropped Sweater [Slot 1] Female (Once only)

To All the Curls [Slot 2] Male (Once only)



Over the Rainbow Hoodie [Slot 2] Female – child (Once only)

Roy G. Biv [Slot 2] (Once only)

Lucky O’Bear [Slot 3] (Once only)



Cozy Cottage Floor Lamp [Slot 1] (Once only)

Cozy Cottage Chair [Slot 1] (Once only)



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