The Sims Mobile Backyard Barbecue event + Growing Gardens Quest!!

Presented by EA gamechangers.

Surprise! There’s a new event AND QUEST coming this Thursday and it’s all about the garden <3


Here is my walkthrough of the quest steps so you can prep your game…

and here they are in written form with some pretty prize images!

So thats’ the growing gardens quest, in which you earn lemon slices, “but where do I spend them” I hear you cry, well, this is part of a big event called Backyard Barbecue which will include prizes for you to buy with, you guessed it, LEMON SLICES.

Here are some images to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect and the wonderful prizes we will be able to choose from.

…and here is a limited time offer paid pack that will be available to buy during the event! (I’ll have a video up of that soon if you’d like to see it in more detail before you decide whether or not to purchase).

Happy Simming!