100% biodegradable phone case by Casetify.

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Casetify has launched a collection of 100% compostable and biodegradable phone cases. They very kindly sent me one to try out and show you guys!

The launch of this Earth-friendly case is part of a larger mission the brand is kicking off called ‘Casetify Conscious’ which came out of the idea of protecting your tech and our planet. This initiative will move the brand forward to eliminate all virgin plastics from production by 2025. That’s a goal I can get behind!

Even though you’re getting a case made from new bamboo-based materials, the protection of your device isn’t compromised. Your phone is protected from up to 4-foot drops.

It’s sustainable and still looks and feels great in your hand. A great fit too.

Unfortunatly I didn’t realise mine would be personalised so it’s ended up being spelt wrong *cries*. So cool that they can be personalised though!

(When you place your own order you will be able to type out how you’d like yours to be spelt).

As part of the Casetify Conscious program they will send out your new sustainable phone case with cleansing wipes to sanitize your phone. This is something we should do more of for sure! Can you imagine how many germs there are on our phones? Ew!

If you would like to order one of these phone cases be sure to use the code GOECO for a discount! (Valid on the Casetify Conscious Collection only, receive 10% off 1 item and 20% off multiple items). You can order here.

Huge thanks to Casetify for sending me the case (and wipes!). I love it!

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