Glossybox [January 2019]

Out with the old and in with the new!

After a few hiccups with Pink Parcel (delayed shipments and product repeats) I decided to switch to another monthly subscription box. Glossybox!

I signed up mid December and was immediately sent a welcome box which was so perfect (didn’t blog that one, sorry!). I was overwhelmed by how stunning the packaging was a the treats inside are well worth the subscription price.

I’ve had my first ‘proper’ box this month which wasn’t as great in my opinion BUT I will give it more time before I decide if I want to switch or not. It’s still incredible value for money and the box is just incredible. I’ve been Marie Kondo-ing all my drawers using them!

Unforunately this month’s box was late and they did say they would refund the postage but I haven’t seen that yet so I need to contact them about that.

Anyway, let me show you this months box contents!

Ok, first up is this pack of eyebrow shapers. They look cool but I’m way to afraid to use them!

Then we have this Avant night cream which is supposed to cost £98 out in the real world so there’s your box value (and beyond) right there! I’ve used this and can’t say I’ve noticed any difference but it’s great to try things like this out in boxes like this so you can find out either way without the commitment of that high price.

Also in the box was this -417 body butter. This was nice but nothing super special. I think this was why I was a little underwhelmed with this box, all the budget went on that last face cream and nothing in the box was really ‘wow’ this time.

There was this dry shampoo too. I’ve had a few of these in my pink parcels over the years and not been too into them HOWEVER I have been using them recently sue to the crazy snow weather which makes my hair go from too clean to grease-pot and back again constantly so these little sprays are quite nice for a freshen up. I’m not sure if they really do anything in particular but they smell great!

and finally, this hask by Keratin Protein. I haven’t used this yet again due to the weather. My hair feels way too clean and static with all the electricity in the air so I’ll wait a bit before I try this.

I’m really hoping February’s box will be as good as the first! I’ll be sure to let you know either way 🙂

Signing off x

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