Airpods Pro – Why I won’t be buying them

Oh what a negative title!

Airpods pro have now been released and my my that price! It astounds me! £249…

Don’t get me wrong, if you wear headphones everyday and need the features (noise cancellation!) then it could be a great choice for you but for me it just doesn’t make sense. I hardly ever wear my headphones as it is so upgrading to these would be frivolous. I’m also not a fan of the ones that go inside your ear anyway.

I’ve been skipping out on most Apple products recently because they haven’t make sense for me to buy (like the latest iPhone). Sure, it’s cool to have knew stuff but it has to be filling a void and serving a purpose otherwise (which will be different for everyone) otherwise it can become a bad habit to be stuck in a constant upgrade cycle. I find it’s better to leave things a few years to really get the benefit and even then it will differ per person and per their needs.

So, as you can probably tell, there won’t be a video about these on my channel. As much as I’d like to feaure more tech it has so make sense as a purchase for me otherwise it seems like a superficial thing to do.

The next thing I have my eye on is the new Amazon Echo show which comes out in November and I could certainly find a place for in my kitchen so stay tuned for that if that’s something that interests you.

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