5 tips for dealing with creator burnout

Doing any creative job or sticking to a creative commitment can be hard. Whether you’re getting paid to do it or not.

If you are a creator on YouTube or any other platform, I hope these tips help!

1. Take a break! This one sounds obvious but so many of us don’t do it. We’re worried we might lose momentum, lose traffic, lose what we’ve worked so hard to build up. Whatever the reason is that’s keeping you from not taking a break you need to take a break anyway because NOTHING is more important that your health. I guarantee that taking a break will help you recoup, get some perspective and your creative outlet will also end up the better for it.

2. Meditate. This one might seem a little strange if it’s not something you do anyway but I assure you it’s worth the effort. Even if you take just five minutes a day to sit still with your eyes closed and think of nothing it will help you bring your focus back to your center and start a fresh.

3. Stand often. If you’re sat down a lot, make sure you stand up for a few minutes every hour. Even if you’re streaming on twitch! Take a toilet break, walk around. Encourage your audience to do the same, they’ll love it!

4. Turn off social media. Social media can be awesome but it can also be hellish. When we’re in the wrong mood we can be sucked into comparison and this kills creativity. Remember that any comparison you do with people online (and even offline) is comparing their outsides to your insides. Everyone is unique so you do you and let them inspire you, not bring you down. If you find it is bringing you down then set some times in the day where you don’t touch social media. Set your phone to lock you out or, better still, turn it off.

5. Get outside and walk! It’s easy, it’s free and it benefits your mind, body and soul. Who knows what incredible idea will come to you on your next stroll, or what you might see.

Creators burnout doesn’t mean your week, it means you’re epic. You’re super talented but you need to recharge. Every creative person needs to recharge. Once you realize this and get used to listening to what you body needs your creativity will flow through you effortlessly and creating will be bliss 🙂

PS. you’re awesome x

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