Home Street Update: ⛺ Into The Wild, 🔮 Waving Wands, 🎁 Events, Stories & MORE..


It’s time to go into the wild with another Home Street update! Here are all the details courtesy of the Home Street team!


“Hi Neighbors,Savanna Safari, trip to the Outback or just the local wildlife trails – wherever the wanderlust takes you, head out Into The Wild on an Outdoor Adventure with Home Street this September!Travel in style with a new collection of Safari SUV vehicles, decorate indoors with an eclectic collection of travel inspired decor, camp out under the stars with a wide selection of tents and outdoor furniture, give a home to a variety of exotic pets and join your neighbors for exciting events and stories including Into The Wild Bingo!Up next, it’s time to polish the wands and dust off the spell books as the new term starts at the Home Street Wizard School!Practice the art of potion mixing, grow your own mandrakes, eat an enchanted lunch… and don’t forget to tame your dragon!There’s two new Happy Home Mystery Boxes in the Prize Tent, a new Collectible Challenge, five new stories to enjoy and lots of chances to earn Gears, Gems, Tokens, Vouchers and more in the exclusive Home Street Events!Read on to find out more about what’s in store for you in the coming month! 

Important Dates

Into The WildTue Aug 23rd = Into The Wild Items in shopsThu Aug 25th = Into The Wild Token Event and Story startTue Aug 30th = Into The Wild Token Event and Story endWed Aug 31st = Outdoor Adventure items join Into The Wild items in shopsThu Sept 1st – September Collectibles Story StartThu Sept 1st = Into The Wild Bingo startThu Sept 1st = Wild Bingo Story startMon Sept 5th = Into The Wild Bingo endMon Sept 5th = Wild Bingo Story endThu Sept 8th = Into The Wild Neighborhood event startThu Sept 8th = Wild Outdoors Story startMon Sept 12th = Into The Wild Neighborhood event endMon Sept 12th = Wild Outdoors Story end  Tue Sept 13th = Into The Wild (Outdoor and Safari) leave shops

Waving WandsTue Sept 13th = Waving Wands Items in shopsThu Sept 15th = Waving Wands Token Event startThu Sept 15th = Enchanted Gears Story StartMon Sept 19th = Waving Wands Token Event endThu Sept 22nd = Waving Wands Neighborhood Event and Story startMon Sept 26th = Waving Wands Neighborhood Event and Story endMon Sept 26th = Enchanted Gears Story endTue Sept 27th = Waving Wands Items leave shopsPlease note – all dates and times are GMT and are subject to change!

September Collectibles – Sept 1st – Oct 3rdTake part in September’s Collectible Challenge to win Power Tools and Measuring Tapes!

Into The Wild – Aug 23rd – Sept 13thTake a walk on the wild side in Home Street with Safari inspired decor sure to cover all your travel needs – from Wildlife Statues, Acacia and Baobab trees to tribal rugs and vases, there’s something for everyone as we go Into The Wild!

*Into The Wild items will be available for a limited time.

Outdoor Adventure – Aug 31st – Sept 13thAdd to your Safari decor with a collection of outdoor furniture, camping equipment and firepits – there’s everything you need to continue enjoying your trip Into The Wild!

*Outdoor Adventure items will be available for a limited time.

Into The Wild SUVs – Aug 23rd – Sept 13thWherever your destination, travel in style with this new collection of Safari SUVs available in the Vehicle Showroom section of the shops!

Available for a limited time only!

Into The Wild Functional Items and Pets – Aug 23rd – Sept 13thTake a cooling shower under a Tropical Waterfall, relax by the calming Flamingo Pool, then join your adventuring neighbors around the Fire Pit for a BBQ supper!

Make friends with the wildlife by adopting one or more of these adorable pets!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.

Outdoor Adventure Functional Items and Pets – Aug 31st – Sept 13thExplore Ancient Ruins, park the Caravan by the Fishing Pond and make room in your Home Street home for adorable outdoor pets!

*Pets and Functional Items will be available for a limited time.

Into The Wild and Outdoor Adventure Clothing – Aug 23rd – Sept 13th & Aug 31st – Sept 13thMake the most of your Into The Wild adventure with a complete collection of Safari and Outdoor clothing!

*Clothing will be available for a limited time.

Into The Wild Token Event – Aug 25th – Aug 30thGet all creative with your neighbors to fashion Gorilla Pictures, Lion Paintings and Elephant Sculptures as you earn Tokens, Gems, Gears and other prizes!

Into The Wild Bingo – Sept 1st – Sept 5thHead to the event area to take part in an outdoor bingo adventure and win exclusive prizes!

Into The Wild Neighborhood Event – Sept 8th – Sept 12thJoin your neighbors under the Baobab Trees to make outdoor event products! Climb the leaderboards to win event only prizes including Vouchers and Gears! 

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Desert Trade post, Oasis Merchant

Products: Skill, Flame, Willingness, Skillet, Wood, Campfire Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows, Pinecone Bird Feeder, Beans, Log Chair, S’mores, Camping Breakfast, Blistered Peppers

Waving Wands – Sept 13th – Sept 27thIt’s the start of term at the Home Street Wizard School – decorate your common room with the house colors of your choice as you prepare to master the art of wizardry with Waving Wands!

*Waving Wands Items will be available for a limited time only

Waving Wands Functional Items and Pets – Sept 13th – Sept 27thHocus Pocus, let’s get focused on this great Waving Wands selection of enchanting functional items and mythical pets!

*Functional Items and Pets will be available for a limited time only

Waving Wands Clothing – Sept 13th – Sept 27thTo be top of the class in Wizard School, you need to dress the part – The Waving Wands collection of clothing has you covered from head to toe!

*Waving Wands Clothing will be available for a limited time only

Waving Wands Token Event – Sept 15th – Sept 19thCreate Polyglot, Shapeshifting and Sleeping Potions with your wizard neighbors – climb the leaderboards to win Tokens, Vouchers and more!

Waving Wands Neighborhood Event – Sept 22nd – Sept 26thCast a winning spell over the Event area so you can you master the arcane arts of potion mixing and wand waving with friends and neighbors! 

Workstations: Order Board, Planning Board, Potions Lab, Arcane Library

Products: Products: Enchanted Glitter, Levitation Spell, Illumination Spell, Protection Charm, Shapeshifting Potion, Polyglot Potion, Incantation, Concentration, Sleeping Potion, Phoenix Feather, Enchanted Rune, Mandrake, Nightshade

Into The Wild and Waving Wands StoriesEarn Collectibles, Coins, Gems, Vouchers and Gears with five fun to play stories this September!

Into The Wild Aug 25th – Aug 30th Wild Bingo – Sept 1st – Sept 5thWild Outdoors – Sept 8th – Sept 12thEnchanted Gears – Sept 15th – Sept 26thWaving Wands – Sept 22nd – Sept 26th

Into The Wild Happy Home Mystery Box – Aug 23rd – Sept 13thWaving Wands Happy Home Mystery Box – Sept 13th – Sept 27thDon’t forget to keep checking the Happy Home Mystery Box – it’s updated regularly with exclusive themed items!

Other Important Dates Early October – Storybook Home Token EventMid October – Home Street 5th Birthday celebrationsJoin Home Street in October as we celebrate Home Street turning five! There’s a Birthday Story and free gifts plus favorite seasonal themes and events as we head into autumn in Home Street!”


Watch for the next Home Street update post for more details!

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