The Sims Freeplay Mysterious Masquerade Update

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It’s spooky season! As usual, The Sims Freeplay has gone all-in with this theme!

Here are all the details from the official blog post along with the prize images. If you’d like to see these in more detail you can watch my video here.

Sul Sul! 

Trick or treat, Simmers! It’s time to experience the most mysterious Halloween party ever thrown – if you dare! Set the scene for a scare with outdoor objects to get guests in the Halloween spirit before they even walk through the door. How about greeting them by wearing the frighteningly-fun Funko Pop! Masks, or light the way with ghoulishly cute glow-in-the-dark ghost or pumpkin collectibles. When guests enter your haunted-ish house, they can dine on regal furniture, admire a spooky portrait with eyes that definitely don’t follow you around, or disappear behind a secret door in the wall! Let us carve out the rest of the ways you’ll enjoy our Mysterious Masquerade update.

Base Game Improvements

Daily ‘Check-In’ Rewards

Play The Sims FreePlay every day and you’ll be rewarded for simply playing the game! We’ve created a daily rewards system so if you play daily, you’ll earn prizes! Maintain your play streak to earn larger rewards. Or, if you’d rather play at your own pace, earn ‘Cumulative Rewards’ by playing a set number of days at any time! The more you play the more you’ll earn.

Daily rewards refresh daily at 6PM your local time. Don’t worry if you forget to claim your prizes the last time you logged in, they’ll be waiting there for you the next time you play. Prizes include premium currency, Simoleons, VIP points, décor, outfits and more! 

Click on your Sim’s mailbox on their home lot to open the new screen – click on the mailbox icon again to claim everything from both the ‘Daily Rewards and Check-In Rewards’ tabs automatically. 


Inventory Filtering 

We know so many of you have hundreds of items in your Sim’s inventory from accumulating almost 10 years of rewards from our events, quests, hobbies and more! We are so excited to reveal our newly designed inventory filtering system to help you find your décor and Home Store items much quicker when redesigning, renovating and remodeling, so you can spend less time scrolling through dozens of categories trying to find that ONE thing! 

In the Home Store, click on the new ‘filtering’ icon with three lines to choose your filter settings and find what you want faster! Try it out now! 


Funko ‘Funkoween’ Fun Pack

Funko, the biggest toy company in the world, has arrived in The Sims FreePlay at the spookiest time of year. Invite your Sims over for an eerie, ghastly ‘Funkoween’ party in SimTown to scare family and friends and have fun at the same time. Get creative with your Halloween costumes! Sims can put a giant Funko pumpkin, ghost or witch Pop! mask on their heads! Just beware – who is hiding under that mask? Plus, add some spooky shinanigans to your home with the irresistible glow-in-the-dark pumpkin and ghost collectibles to be the life (and ghoul) of the party!

Head to the online store to redeem the exclusive free pack, available for a limited time for the duration of the update!


‘Mysterious Masquerade’ Live Event

Starting 28 October, the ‘Mysterious Masquerade’ live event begins! The aim of this event is to collect enough resources from the Arts and Crafts Stations (found in the ‘Event’ tab of the Home Store or your inventory) to unlock all the items in this event but be quick – this event is only live for 10 days. 

Be our guest – invite Sims over for a Halloween party in the luxurious enchanted castle grand prize house lot, black and gold regal wallpaper, red velvet drape curtains, skull décor, ambient candle lighting, floor to ceiling bookcases with ladders, giant dining table with matching chairs and much more. Watch out for the painting with eyeballs that follow you as you walk by! Will your guests spot the hidden door in the wall as you trick or treat them throughout the night? 

Play dress up with new costumes and masks. Watch as Sims attend in ballgowns, vests and dapper ensembles – will you be able to tell who is who, in their masquerade masks as you dance the night away in the ballroom?

Scandi- Style

We’re bringing a Nordic flair to your Sim’s homes with our latest SimChase and Influence Island events! 

Embrace the neutral accents in the range of Scandinavian décor rewards in SimChase Season 35: Scandi Scrimmage! The new stripe rugs, baskets, shelving unit, wall art, bookshelves and in-built TV entertainment unit are sure to add a touch of modern simplicity to your abode that also perfectly compliment so many styles with their clean, minimalist and functional aesthetic! Even the new athletic outfits for teen female Sims are comfortable AND practical! 

Use your powers of persuasion (and dirty tricks) to convince the other Sims to join your clan in Influence Island Season 18. Earn more rewards inspired by the timeless style and cozy-aesthetic of Scandinavia. You have 10 days to out-influence your rival and convert seven Sims to ‘Clan Mates’ to win the Grand Prize that includes an exclusive wall hanging plants display, modern wood sofa, kids closet with open shelving and stylish desk setup and much more!

Happy Thanksgiving

Get into the holiday spirit with our rerun of SimChase Season 21: Thanksgiving Throwdown. Showcase your Sim’s seasonal style! Event rewards include hanging baskets, front door with wreath and leaves garland, autumnal wall display, outdoor trees with leaf piles, seating arrangement with candle display, fireplace with décor and warm outfits and long hairstyles for male and female Sims! 

Celebrate Diwali

To show our appreciation for our passionate Indian player community and their diverse culture, we’ve created authentic Build/Buy items and outfits for Diwali in our upcoming Influence Island Season 19! Commence the event from 3 November to redeem the prizes that include patterned rangoli artwork, tented arch bay windows with inset couch in bold reds, golds and wooden textures, wide doorway with hanging toran, and even delicious Diwali treats. Your Sims will truly feel as if they’re truly part of the celebrations in India.

Downtown Developer 5 – Contempo Penthouse

The fifth and latest high rise apartment ‘Contempo Penthouse’ is now available in Downtown! Enjoy the open air lounge by the outdoor pool, lush greenery, high end interior design with glass wine racks, large balcony with arbours, even a parking lot on the highest level for your sports car – it’s the ultimate city living! 

Become a Downtown Developer by collecting resources to build 3 story high rise apartment blocks over 30 days, your Sims can collect prizes to ultimately unlock a glamorous new 3-story apartment lot and luxury penthouse apartment. If you run out of time but still complete the event, you’ll receive the apartment prize – however just as a bare building!

Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):

  • NEW Funkoween Fun Pack: Available from 18 October for the duration of the update
  • NEW Downtown Developer 5: 60 day event available to start anytime from 18 October
  • NEW Influence Island Season 18 Scandinavian: 10-day event starting from 18 October

  • NEW SimChase Season 35 ‘Scandi Scrimmage!’: 9-day event starting from 18 October

  • NEW ‘Mysterious Masquerade’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 28 October

This is the hairstyle you unlock as part of the grand prize.

  • NEW Maternity Pack 24: Start a pregnancy event between 2 – 10 November, and successfully complete all your tasks to win maternity rewards! 

  • NEW Influence Island Season 19 Diwali: 10-day event starting from 3 November

  • ‘Magical Morocco’ Live Event: 10-day event starting from 16 November 

  • Influence Island Season 1 High School Cafeteria: 10-day event starting from 17 November

  • SimChase Season 21 ‘Thanksgiving Throwdown!’: 9-day event starting from 19 November

  • ‘Daring Do’s’ Long Hair Hobby Event rerun: 7-day event starting from 21 November”

There will also be a rerun of the player favourite quest Ghost Flustered from November 15th for 14 days.



You can get more info about the update in my video!


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