The Sims Mobile Celebrity Life Update [April-June 2021]

Presented by EA gamechangers.

A new Sims Mobile update is upon us!

Here are all the details from the official blog

“Sul Sul, 

Emily and her LlamaZoom truck have left Briny Heights to make way for the new Sim Festival in town!  Experience a different way to play with your Sims by jumping into our new daily and season tasks feature. If your Sims are ready to live the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous, style your home with chic and sophisticated décor using rewards from our upcoming live events. But if you’re stuck for inspiration building your next glamorous mansion, never fear! Our expert team of game designers [also known as interior stylists] have created a new build-mode tool – the Designer Homes Catalog – filled with House Templates for you to instantly construct new homes on the go!

Sim Festival Season One: Celebrity Life

Roll up, roll up! Sim Festival is a brand-new recurring event, offering exciting new prizes each Season! Complete all-new Daily and Seasonal Tasks to earn ‘Prize Tickets’, which will unlock access to many new rewards throughout the Season! Each Festival Season commences at the beginning of each update (when our app store icon changes) and has a 50-day duration. You’ll be able to earn special NPC characters that you can bring into your Sims lives, house template designs (more on that shortly!), plus rare flooring and wallpaper, and much more.

There are two prize tracks each Festival season – the ‘Free Pass’ and the ‘Festival Pass’! The Free Pass contains prizes that anyone can access, all you have to do is reach the required Tier. The Festival Pass contains many more prizes, and these can be accessed by purchasing the Festival Pass and then reaching the required Tier by earning Prize Tickets. You can purchase the Festival Pass at any stage of the Season! 

For the first-ever season of Sim Festival, your Sims can live like celebrities and embrace the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous lifestyle. Check out the incredible rewards available:

  • Stylish wooden bathtub
  • Gold droplet coffee table
  • Leather and wood ottoman
  • Geometric marble flooring
  • Luxe wooden wall panels
  • Geometric bar unit
  • Wavey jumpsuit for female Sims 
  • Wire and leather armchair
  • NPC – Venessa Jeong
  • House Template – Jeong Manor 
  • Venessa Jeong signature plaque
  • Celebrity Life Trophy 

House Templates

We’re excited to announce our new House Templates build mode feature! Whether you’re on the hunt for some design inspiration or just looking to dream about your next ultimate home for your Sims, perhaps there’s no better place to gather ideas than from our house template designs! Effortlessly select from the new range of pre-built home designs to instantly turn your Sim’s dream home into a reality, by just lifting one finger to start construction! Plus, experience the new “bulldoze” button – watch all of your items transfer instantly to your inventory so you can start a fresh build quickly and painlessly! 

You’ll save time and Simoleons with curated layouts full of everything you need, free from the stress of building something from scratch! That’s right – leave the hard work up to us so you can sit back, relax and count down the seconds until your Sims warm welcome home is ready. Stay tuned for new template additions in future updates.

See? Turns out, building your dream home is easier than you think. Hello, housewarming! 

Treasure Hunt Live Events

Smallfry is back with two Treasure Hunt events! Get your magnifying glass and prospecting tools ready – it’s time to start uncovering special artifacts in the new dig sites that have appeared all around town! Here are the exclusive items from the ‘Wedding Blossom’ event to look forward to: 

Grand Prizes

  • Brides Dress
  • Groom Suit
  • Twisted back female hairstyle 
  • Wedding Arch/Arbour


Pyramid Prizes

  • Pompadour male hairstyle
  • Sweetheart table
  • Groomsman outfit 
  • Bridesmaid outfit
  • Outdoor wooden dancefloor with fairy lights
  • Flower petal aisle 
  • Podium for speeches 
  • Strappy female sandals 
  • Canape table, chairs, and much more!


For lovers of the finer things in life, complete your celebrity mansion with the new must-have robe cabinetry and accessories for the ultimate fashion styling! The ‘Modular Wardrobe’ Treasure Hunt starts later in the update and features glamorous prizes such as:


Grand Prizes

  • Day Bed 
  • Vanity mirror display
  • Vanity mirror seat
  • Hair up bun female hairstyle 


Pyramid Prizes

  • Denim coat outfit for female Sims 
  • Long hoodie outfit for male Sims
  • Modular shoe storage
  • Modular coat hanger storage
  • Modular corner closet 
  • Modular cabinet 
  • Floor rug 
  • Bubble lights
  • Outfits, hairstyles, and more!”


All event dates and lengths can be found in this video along with more details about the prizes and packs!


PLEASE NOTE: They are not running the Star Wars quest this year anymore 🙁


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