The Sims Freeplay Secret Garden Romance Update

It’s time for another epic Sims Freeplay update!

Here are all the details…

Sul Sul,

When was the moment you knew that your Sims were destined to fall in love?

Set the mood to propose in all new ways for a romantic Valentine’s Day in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay!

You’ll also be able to:

• Create a lush garden space for your Sims by completing the Romantic Garden Live Event. The Secret Garden house grand prize features a gazebo for the first time ever, plus a garden gate with fences, hedging, a wishing well, an outdoor fireplace and many more magnificent garden centrepieces!

• Celebrate The Sims 20th Birthday with a free Emerald Plumbob Hot Tub and tattoo giveaway for all players! Party at the Nightclub in SimTown with iconic Sims characters such as Bella Goth, Izzy Fabulous and more to reminisce on your favourite memories of The Sims.

• Share playful moments and get ready for romance with two SimChase events throughout the update. Earn gorgeous garden décor plus modern floral fashion to add a touch of fun to your Sim’s wardrobe and outdoor space.

Here are the playable event dates for this update:

● New! Romantic Garden live event – 10 day event, running between Jan 28th and Feb 10th (followed by a 2 day grace period)

● New! 20th Anniversary nightclub guests – Runs across the update, starting Jan 28th (full listing below)

● Daring Do’s hobby event (re-run) – 7 day event, running between Feb 7th and Feb 16th

● New! Maternity Pack 10 – Start a Pregnancy Event between Feb 7th and Feb 14th
● New! SimChase Season 10: Floral Feud! – 7 day event, running between Feb 14th and Feb 23rd
● Hans On! Quest (re-run) – 7 day quest, running between Feb 17 and Mar 2nd

● Country Homestead hobby event (re-run) – 10 day event, running between Feb 21st and Mar 1st

● New! SimChase Season 11: Outdoor Engagement! – 7 day event, running between Feb 27th and Mar 8th

Other things of note:

• We’re beginning to update the branding of Sims FreePlay to align with The Sims recent changes. From this update you’ll see updated logos, and some tweaked colours of in-game screens.

• We now support ‘Sign in with Apple’ as an option for Cloud Save on Apple devices • Sims 20th Anniversary content:

o Hot Tub and Tattoos pack will be available for free in the Online Store from Jan 28th to Feb 9th

o Sims celebrities will be appearing in the Nightclub at certain dates

 Barbara Yaga – Jan 28th – Gifts: 2000 Simoleons

 Developer Dinah – Feb 4th – Gifts: 3000 Simoleons

 Ice Queen – Feb 11th – Gifts: 5000 Simoleons

 Bob Newbie – Feb 18th – Gifts: 5 LP

 Izzy Fabulous – Feb 25th – Gifts: Izzy Outfit

 Bella Goth – Mar 3rd – Gifts: Bella Outfit

• Trees can now be placed on balconies, where previously they were restricted to ground level placement only.

• Double rewards will be given from the Paperboy between Feb 6th – Feb 17th

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