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Glossybox Feb 2019


Alas, after such a short time, I fear this may be my final Glossybox.


I haven't had the best experience with them and it hasn't wow-ed me. Don't get me wrong, it's a great box, incredible presentation and epic value for money BUT it just isn't a great fit for me. Time to try another!

I also had the refund issue that I mentioned last month. It's such a small amount of money I know but I can't seem to get an answer about it. I have been told two different dates that the refund was sent but I haven't received anything.


Anyway, onto this months box contents.


 As usual, incredible packaging! These boxes come in so handy too!


 Regenerate toothpaste - I have no idea if it does what it says it does but it is nice and minty :)

 Huda Lip pencil - I have so many of these now :/

 Luxie brush - Not something I need unfortunately. Looks cute though!

 Nails Inc polish - this is great! It's a colour I have already from other brands but this definitely lasts longer. This is worth £15 so that's already paid for the box price.

 Alien perfume sample - I thought it was quite cute that they sent this in male and female versions. It's a free sample (as was the toothpaste) so I'm a bit dubious about it but it smells lush.

 Rose gold dust sheet mask - Looks like a normal sheet mask, smells beautiful.




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