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Home Street - Mad Tea Party event details


If you like Alice in Wonderland you're going to love this!


Here are all the details courtesy of Home Street...


Every adventure requires a first step - Lewis Carroll


Step into the magical world of Wonderland for the Mad Tea Party Event! Have a tea party with your friends & neighbors, bake colorful cakes, and decorate your home with wonderfully imaginative furniture! There is so much to discover in Wonderland. 🎩☕



Mad Tea Party items in Shops - Apr 6th
Mad Tea Party Event starts - Apr 13th
Mad Tea Party Event ends- Apr 23rd
Spring It On items leave shops - Apr 30th
Mad Tea Party items leave shops - Apr 30th 


* Please note all dates and times reflect GMT 




Mad Tea Party - Apr 6th - Apr 30th

Every adventure requires a first step! Starting April 6th, step into the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland at your Home Street Home! Get brand new Mad Tea Party decorative items such as Giant Mushrooms, Teacup Chairs, animated Drink Me Tables, animated Tea Pot Fountains and MORE! 



Mad Tea Party items will be available for a limited time.


Mad Tea Party Clothing - Apr 6th 

A little bit lost, a little bit mad...your Home Street character can be both while wearing new Mad Tea Party clothing! Find them in the wardrobe on April 6th. 


Mad Tea Party Event - April 13th - 23rd 

It's always tea time! Join your Neighborhood friends in the Mad Tea Party Event and make Drink Me Potions, Rainbow Cakes, Flamingo Paintings & MORE for a chance to win a trophy and event only rewards! 



Mad Tea Party Workstations



Thoughts: Glitter, Time, Cards,  Madness



Products: Chocolate, Party Crafts, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Drink Me Potion, Invitation, Flamingo Painting, Roses, Rainbow Cake 





Other Important Dates

New Type of Social Interactions - approx mid-April
New Type of Event - approx May
* Watch the Home Street FB page for more info on these, coming soon!
Royal Wedding decorative items - May
Royal Wedding clothing - May
Royal Wedding new Pet - May
Royal Wedding Neighborhood Event - May



How exciting! I'm currently saving tokens for my Cheshire cat! How's your progress? Tweet me @rachybop


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