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Get that Animal Crossing look in real life!

The Animal Crossing outfits are just so cute I cannot contain myself!

I wanted to start doing some blog posts based around the outfits I have chosen for little mini Rachybop in my game.

So here's my first one! An animal crossing outfit IRL.

*Post contains affiliate links

Mostly bought freshly this morning from the Abel Sisters apart from the backpack which was a gift in the mail :)

Pink Gingham Headscarf

(Etsy: Almost a match)

(eBay: It's a match!)

Green jacket

(No exact match and some pricey items here - mini-me has expensive taste! 💁‍♀️)

Pink stripey shorts

So cute!

Pink socks

(I need these!)

White high tops

(The Isabel Marant ones are pretty spot on!)

Patchwork backpack

(No exact match 😭 This is just too cute to copy!)

I've hope you've enjoyed this blog post! Not to be taken too seriously, just a bit of fun :)

I do very much need those pink socks though!

#AnimalCrossing #OOTD #ACNHOOTD #AnimalCrossingIRL

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