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Get a FREE Dior pouch!

This post does NOT contain affiliate links but some links are shortened to track traffic.

Dior are currently running an offer that I wanted to share with you guys as it's one I took advantage of and it really perked me up during lockdown!

If you order within the next couple of weeks and use the code DISCOVERXUK you will get this pouch for free!

Bonus! It's not leather :D

Perfect for makeup storage or even as a purse when you're on holiday.

Dior always send out free perfume samples too which is a mega bonus (I received Sauvage) and their packaging is just divine.

This was just the incentive I needed to buy this candle snuffer I've been lusting after for way too long (I know, such a strange thing to lust over but whatever lol). I love it!

PS. If you're obsessed with candles like me, this one is from Zara and part of the range which was a collaboration with Jo Malone. I've been SUPER impressed with it.

This post isn't sponsored, I just wanted to share an incredible offer with you guys incase you wanted to take advantage like I did :) Enjoy!

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