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Making your own book with Blurb!

I recently made my own book using the platform Blurb (as an affiliate of theirs I got the opportunity to order it with a discount coupon) and thought it would be nice to share my experience.

As it was my first time using blurb and I wasn't sure how easy or efficient it would be I decided to create an inspirational photo book that would be relatively easy to put together.

The blurb editing platform is incredible, you can create something as easy or complex as you'd like it to be and there's no need to spend hours figuring out how, it's very intuitive.

Overall I'm extremely happy with how my book turned out and felt very proud of it when I received it.

There are limitless possibility's and a huge amount of options in terms of paper types, etc, all varying in cost.

You can order for yourself or as a gift but you can also publish your book, complete with an ISBN. That's what I choose to do, as well as ordering a copy for myself. I will say that it was hard to keep the cost down for the purchaser. I can't imagine anyone being happy buying such a small quote book for $39. This is quite normal with self publishing though so I am unsure of a way around those costs.

I highly recommend blurb though if you want to use it to see what your book would look like or create a beautiful gift for friends/family. The quality is absolutely incredible.

Blurb is offering 35% off photo books with code YUMMY35 today through Monday, March 5th!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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