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Yoga reboot

I've practiced yoga on and off for many years but I'm determined to up my game in 2018.

One of my main goals is to be able to do an 'impressive' pose before the year ends. Even if it does just end up being a party trick!

I've taken my practice from beginner to intermediate and I am already seeing the benefits. After the first attempt I was sore for a whole week. Not just sore-sore but can't-turn-myself-over-in-bed sore. Luckily I can now practice intermediate sessions with little to no pain and I am seeing progress in my poses. Pushing through the point of giving up is key with everything in life if you want to get further than you've ever been.

A site that I've discovered that is helping me along my journey is Yoga Download. It's such a great resource with tons of yoga practices for all kinds of goals (even quitting smoking!).

If any of you are looking to start yoga, continue or advance your practice I highly recommend them. Their pose demonstration videos especially are so clear and well explained.

Personally the poses I'm working towards are the bird of paradise, crow pose and a headstand with the splits. Setting those goals real high!

The benefit of using a site like Yoga download is the guidance mainly as well as fresh content that is also as specific or vague as you'd like it to be. Specificity can be great as you can target a certain area and even see progress much quicker but vagueness can also be great for the variety and general health benefits yoga brings.

Alongside heaps of fully free resources, Yoga download offers paid membership classes and courses. For example, their beginner yoga 101 course is great to get you started. This is priced at $30 and includes 5 classes. A pretty good deal when you think the average yoga class is set at $10 per class IRL. You can work through at your own pace, redo classes and practice at a time and place that is convenient for you. Read the reviews for each course before you purchase to check it's right for you. There's heaps of courses and many reviews to back them up.

They cover all yoga styles and you can even do online teacher training to become a fully qualified yogi <3

Good luck on your Yoga journey, tweet me your progress @rachybop

I'll definitely be instagramming my ultimate yoga post when I get there!

#yoga #yogadownload

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