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February Home Street app updates!

Each month Home Street add some awesome new stuff to keep the game fresh. February is no exception. Here are the things you need to watch out for (with thanks to Home Street for the info).

Some of the dates here have passed so some stuff will already be in your game! Like the POODLE!!

Important dates...

New Stories (Mystery Guests!) - Feb 1st Heart's Desire Event starts - Feb 9th Heart's Desire Event ends - Feb 19th Heart's Desire items leave shops - Feb 22nd * Please note all dates and times reflect GMT

Heart's Desire- Jan 29th - Feb 22nd

Love is in the air! Create a sweet and romantic vibe at your Home Street Home with the new Heart's Desire items such as the Elegant Pink Sofas & Chairs, Rose Vases, a variety of heart decor, & MORE!

Heart's Desire items will be available for a limited time.

NEW PET - Jan 29th It will be love at first sight when you lock eyes with your brand new Poodle Pet! Known for their affectionate nature, Poodles make the perfect Valentine's Day companions.

New Upgradable Makeup Table - Jan 29th Be your own kind of beautiful! Add a touch of elegance to your bedroom or bath with the new lighted makeup table with trifold mirror and bench.

Heart's Desire Neighborhood Event - Feb 9th - Feb 19th Together is the best place to be! Join your Neighborhood friends in the Heart's Desire Event and make wonderful gifts from the heart such as Valentine Cupcakes, Cute Teddy Bears, Romantic Paintings and More!

Workstations: Valentine Stall, Valentine Truck

Thoughts: Poem, Party Crafts, Love, Glitter

Products: Valentine's Card, Champagne, Chocolates, Valentine's Cupcakes, Chocolate Strawberries, Picnic Basket, Chocolate Cake, Cute Teddy Bear, Romantic Painting

New Mystery Guests & Stories! - Feb 1st Two new mystery guests are headed to Home Street with new stories, exclusive items, rewards, & more!

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