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10 items to support Etsy sellers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic #StandWithSmall

*Post made in collaboration with Etsy - contains affiliate links*

With the world the way it is right now it's more important than ever to support each other.

Etsy are running a beautiful campaign to support small online businesses called #StandWithSmall so I have gone through my Etsy wishlist and chosen 10 things I think you might like too! Some of these items I've purchased already and some I have yet to. Now seems like the perfect time to do that and help out other people all around the world.

Together, let’s stand with small.

Beginners Starter Calligraphy Kit

From a young age I studied calligraphy for many years but that dropped off for me when I moved to University. It's something I have been wanting to get into though and now seems like the perfect time! It's a great skill to have and extremely therapeutic to do so why not invest in this starter kit?!

Amber + Sandalwood Scented Candle

I am a big lover of candles. We have one in our living room lit every evening and I always light one in the bathroom when I go for a bath. The smells are so settling and we all need comfort like that especially in a time like this. This vegan candle is an absolute treat.

Beginner Yucca Embroidery Pattern

If calligraphy isn't your thing why not try embroidery! There are heaps of printable designs on Etsy to help you get started. I love the simplicity of this one. Pick something that matches the vibe of your home so you can hang it and admire your handywork for years to come.

Travel Planner, Printable Vacation Planner

Just because we wan't travel right now doesn't mean we can't plan a trip for in the future! Infact, this is the perfect opportunity to do your research into that trip you've always wanted to take and get planning!

Watch Stand and Glasses Tray

Spending more time in your space at home has probably made you more aware of the organisation and storage you could benefit from. This one has certainly appealed to me as my blue light glasses consistently float around my desk!

2 x Rainbow Aura Crystal Quartz Geodes

I purchased a ton of crystals when this pandemic hit. Whether their effect is realistic or psychological it cannot do harm to scatter them around your home. I like to buy ones that serve a purpose in my life. Don't forget to wash them when you receive them and charge them in the sun or moonlight.

Rose Quartz stone pink round gemstone coasters with gold electroplated edge

Keeping with the theme of crystals. If you would like some crystals but would prefer them to be less decorative and more purposeful in your home then this listing could be for you!

Babys CowPlant PanteVache Sims4

Ok Simmers, this one's for you! I mean, how cute!?

Beer Bottle Beer Cap Map

I've bought a few of these despite not drinking alcohol myself! They make incredible gifts and will hold anything with a beer bottle type lid. They're such a cool way to store those arty bottle caps.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

If you practice yoga daily like me then you're mat ain't gonna be clean! This stuff has been an absolute lifesaver. The thought of breathing in anything else after however many days on an unclean yoga mat makes me quite vomitous! I usually leave my yoga mat out for a bit after I practice, spray one of these over it and wipe with the cloth that comes in the set. Perfect!

I hope you've enjoyed my list and it inspires you to make a purchase of even to start a new hobby!

You can see Etsy's editor picks here.

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