The Sims Mobile Eerie Autumn Update [October-November 2021]

It’s finally time for Halloween content in The Sims Mobile!

Here’s all the info from the official blog: 

Sul Sul,

Scare up a little fun this Fall and join in for a fang-tastic new update full of forbidden love, ghoulish items, wicked rewards, terrifying outfits, and more. Make your way to Briny Heights for an Autumn full of fun, fantasy, and fright! 


Sim Festival Season Four: Eerie Autumn

Get into the spooky spirit with the fourth edition of Sim Festival. Claude René Duplantier Guidry, your romantic guide, is on his way to Briny Heights to find true love and cast a spell on you and your Sims with new and improved Sim Festival tasks. Complete Daily and Seasonal Tasks throughout the 50- Day festival to earn ‘Prize Tickets’ and unlock access to spell-binding rewards! In this frightful edition, your Sims can experience these deliciously dangerous rewards:


  • Friendly Puppet Frejya
  • Dreadlocked Crusader
  • Claude René Duplantier Guidry NPC
  • Claude Castle
  • Eerie Autumn Trophy
  • Guidry Signature Plaque
  • Happily Haunted Hutch
  • Plush n Wide Sofa
  • Fall’-ing in love Cascading dress
  • The Suit To End All Suits a la Guidry 
  • Spooky Specter Jar
  • Sinister Occult hand
  • Florally Normal Coffee Table
  • Goldiloops End table
  • Bloodstained Natural Lips
  • Guidry’s Handstitched Derby Shoes
  • Hang on to your Hats


“Claude Castle” Designer Home

Obsessed with the occult? Then unlock Claude Castle, the scariest sight in Briny Heights at Tier 45 with the Sim Festival Pass. Trick or treat your Sims with a Gothic romance in Guidry’s abandoned abode, but only if your Sims dare to enter! Travel back in time with brick walls, aged furniture, creaking armor, and more. Spend the haunted nights with graveyard hangouts, bone-chilling piano music, or a book in the candle-lit library. Kick back and get your spook on while your Sims scare up a little fun this year at Claude Castle, and remember, do not go to the top floor. 


Treasure Hunt Live Events 

Smallfry is on a Quest to dig up howling rewards this Halloween! Jump in the dig site and unearth special artifacts to unlock boo-tiful rewards. Take a look at the exclusive items from the ‘Spice Spice Baby’ event – 

Grand Prizes

  • Marbellous Fireplace
  • Cozy Hibernation Bed
  • Not so Dreaded Long Locks

Pyramid Prizes

  • Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Dress
  • Classic Pompadour
  • Graceful Tasteful Crafts Table
  • Thou Wood Not End Table
  • Beaver Moon Sweater
  • Square Peg Shelf
  • Knitted Tushie Cosy
  • Buckle Up and Harvest Fall Boots
  • Fall Haul Trifted Knits
  • Modern Vertical Planters
  • Grim Little Toy
  • Commit to Knit Yarn Basket
  • Tailgate Barbecue Cuffed Pants
  • Even Jocks need Comfy Socks
  • Delicate Floral Bloom Painting
  • Channel the Inner Panda’ Hat


Emily’s Llama List

She has made a list, she has checked it twice, Emily is sharing her Llama List with Briny Heights! Thanks to all your reports on Answers HQ, Emily and our game team have identified areas to improve your experience. We absolutely believe in making Quality of Life changes regularly, and we will communicate about the changes we’ve made and the improvements we plan to work on through Emily’s Llama List.

For CL30, here’s what we worked on:

Sim Festival Tasks

  • We have some new Daily Tasks joining the pool. State your daily affirmations at your bathroom vanity, purify your cursed plants, and more!
  • We also have looked to improve tasks as a whole. You should see easier goals for several Season Tasks.

Wumples’ Wishlist

  • We have adjusted the time requirement of the Wumples’ Wishlist to make them more completable now!

Surprising Choices

  • We listened and removed the Story heirlooms from the Surprising Choices earlier. In addition, we have revised the prices of these items to be more affordable.


And here are things we are working on:

Season Tasks:

  •  We plan to have something special in the Season Tasks tab to make things easier for you and will help plan your Sim’s activities for the season.

Designer Homes: 

  • We have something in the pipeline that will make Designer Homes a more attractive offering. Get ready to move into some beautiful homes!

We’ve been busy squashing some pesky bugs too! Here is a list of just a few notable mentions that we’ve fixed in this update:


  • Solved the case of the mysterious disappearance of Sim image during a Surprising Choice dialogue
  • “Menorah of Memories” will now be in its correct Table Decorations category instead of the Lighting category
  • Glitch with sim’s mouth movement while performing “Enjoy a steaming with..” appointment on “Water of Youth Stream Room” is now fixed
  •  ‘Admire’ action on ‘Simtriloquist Dummy’ and ‘Crystal Zoomer’ will now work appropriately
  • Few players had their playable Sims’ images missing/crossed out, this is now fixed
  • Modeling career house objects now grant party points

Sim Festival/Live Events

  • If you’ve unlocked all home lots, you will not see the “Purchase a new home lot” Season Task anymore
  • If you’ve unlocked all floor levels, you will not see the “Add another floor level” Season Task anymore
  • Treasure Hunt, Sweet Treat Showdown, and Eco Workshop events now count towards respective Standard and Long Tasks in Wumples’ Wishlist
  • Some items from the last update were missing from the Wumples’ Wishlist storage tab and have now been added back
  • If you have all the land expansions on all home lots, you will not see the “Purchase a land expansion on any home lot” Season Task

Fixed clipping, visual, and position issues with a number of Build/Buy objects:

  • “First-Time Rental Car” will no longer clip with “Water of Youth Steam Room”
  • “Modern Privacy Wall” doesn’t clip with walls anymore
  • “Moschino Luxe Lounge Pants” had visual glitches when paired with a number of footwear, fixed them all!
  • Your Sim won’t disappear when you zoom in while performing the “Slide your troubles away” appointment on “Wheee! Waterslide”
  • “Nalani’s Siren Sign” now has 4 color variants
  • “Grand Veins Marble Sink” light can now be set to auto
  • “Shark Attack” Bar had an issue while placing its left side against a wall, it’s now fixed
  • “Sturdy Concrete Column” and its variants can now be placed at the edge of home lots
  • Fixed clipping issue seen when “Summer Breeze Seat” is placed against a wall
  • “Steel the Show Column” and variants can now be placed on pathways and rugs
  • “Yamachan Signature Plaque” and “Nalani’s Signature Plaque” footprints are now smaller
  • Fixed “Sage End Counter Left” object’s position and added a Stove in “Yamachan’s House Template”.
  • “Tufted Tease Bench” from Yamachan’s House Template now gets stored correctly under Living Room tab
  • “Sunspun Laundry Shelf” can be now placed with its side against walls

Fixed clipping and texture issues with a number of CAS items:

  • “Calavera Shirt” is now ‘seam’-less
  • Fixed clipping issue on “Sunny Days Gardening Outfit”
  • Visible seams on “Terrestrial Paneled Skirt” and “Midnight Paneled Skirt” have been fixed
  • “Hot Shot Sports Blazer” doesn’t clip with trousers and shirt sleeves anymore
  • “ASOS Borg Jacket in Pink” doesn’t have visible seams now

Text/Translation Corrections:

  • “Breath deeply” appointment on Soothing Candles will now correctly say “Breathe deeply”
  • “Roy G.Biv” item name in Turkish language is now changed to “Gokhan Kus Agi”


Here are the playable event dates for this update (all dates in PST):


  • Sim Festival Season Four – Eerie Autumn! : 50-day event starting 11 October
  • Treasure Hunt ‘Fright Night’ Rerun- 11-day event starting 11 October
  • ‘Star Wars Costume Hunt’ Rerun- 7-day event starting 11 October
  • ‘Journey to Batuu’ Free Star Wars Pack Rerun available from 11 October
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 23 October
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Treatsylvania Returns’ Rerun – 11-day event starting 25 October
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 4 November
  • Treasure Hunt ‘Spice Spice Baby’- 11-day event starting 8 November
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 17 November
  • Sweet Treat Showdown ‘Cozier Home ’ Rerun – 11-day event starting 22 November
  • Wumples Quest: 5-day event starting 29 November”


Find out more details and see the prizes in action in this month’s schedule update video.



The daily login bonus mentioned in the video will run from 18th-31st Oct.

All rewards are currency items.

The bonus will start on October 17th and will go on daily till October 31st. 

Players who claim 7 consecutive rewards will receive a special bonus on the 7th Day.

Players who claim all 14 rewards, that is all rewards starting October 17th, will receive a special reward on the last day, ie, October 31st.

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