3 of my LEAST favourite things about The Sims 4 Cottage Living

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If you saw my previous review and content about The Sims 4 Cottage Living you will know that my thoughts about this new expansion pack are overwhelmingly positive, however, there are a few things that I dislike and foresee being an issue.


The new path texture

This was the first thing I noticed when we were shown the pack (I was extremely lucky to get early access a while ago) and it was such a letdown. Not the biggest deal in the world but it could be such a pretty path if it just had some actual texture to it rather than complete flatness. It’s almost ball-pit level textures ?


NPC’s dying

There is a fabulous amount of lore woven through this expansion and that is told via the NPC’s which are all tied to their specific roles within Henford-on-Bagley.

If one of the NPC’s dies then a new sim is hired to take that role. This is something that happens automatically in the game. I was initially worried (and slightly amused) that Kylo Ren could then become Mayor but apparently, this will not happen, the game will only choose Sims from the Cottage Living pack.

This happened quite quickly within my game. After 10 hours of play, my Creature Keeper had died and been replaced with a new Creature Keeper. In fact, they all had (apart from the Crumplebottoms which I’ll talk about soon). This means you have to build up your relationships from fresh with the new Sim appointed to those roles and I think a lot of people will find that quite distressing. It would be great if you could turn off their ageing too, to be honest.


Duplicate Crumplebottoms

The only NPC’s in the pack that won’t be replaced by another are the Crmplebottom cousin, Agnes and Agatha. This is great because no one would want them to disappear 10 hours in. 

With all other NPC’s, if you move them into your household or take them away from their NPC role in some way they will be replaced in that role. If you do that with one of the Crumplebottoms they will be replaced by themself. 

At first, I thought this would be fine because the chances of someone marrying Agnes Crumplebottom are slim but my Sim had a negative relationship with Agnes, and she was still duplicated. I foresee mayhem aplenty.

I think it would have been great if all the NPC’s were eternal and none of them duplicated but only time will tell how this one plays out!


If the animals dying wasn’t able to be switched off that would have been on my list too. I am so grateful you can turn that off because it is heartwrenching! They have done such a good job with the death system for this pack and how many options you are given to tell your own story.


Given those issues, 3 gripes out of everything in a whole expansion pack is pretty fab!


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