Ways To Connect With an Old Friend

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Nowadays, everyone is online. Social media is a huge element of everyone’s lives, and you wouldn’t think that it’d be difficult to reconnect with an old friend. But everyone is busy, making it hard enough to keep in contact with recent friends—let alone distant friends. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the important connections you made in your childhood or college career, all you need to do is reach out and put these ways to connect with an old friend to good use.

Message and Call Them

If you know which social media or chat platforms your friend uses, you can easily start a conversation with them about anything—bring up old memories, ask how things are, or talk about a game you both like. When they give you information about themselves, give them some about yourself in return. Don’t make it sound like you went to them for a deeper purpose than simply to talk—don’t try to sell them something or ask for support.

Once you’ve messaged them, try to start a call with them and chat about anything you want. It may take a few calls to get each other completely up to date on everything that happened while you were apart!

Send an Old Picture

While you were digging around your closet or perusing your computer folders, you may have stumbled across an amazing image of you and your old friend. Memorable moments, like the time you found a Polaroid camera and snapped photos of everything together, are priceless—especially if you preserved the Polaroid photos well.

Scan the pictures and make an album of the digital files as a way to connect with an old friend. Seeing all the old memories will spark a conversation between you two—even if it’s through comments on a social media post. Let the comments blossom into a conversation and progress through the motions of friendship once again.

Schedule a Coffee Date

Sometimes, all you need to do to rekindle a friendship is plan a day to hang out. Find a café that’s easy for both of you to access and ask if they’d like to join you for coffee. Some people may not talk to people without someone else talking first, so it always helps if you take the initiative in social situations.

Offer to pay for their coffee if you can and take a picture to remember the day out. If you both want to keep hanging out, leave some time open so you can go somewhere else to make up for lost time.

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