The Sims Freeplay Cafe Culture update!

Presented by EA gamechangers.

The latest update from The Sims Freeplay is almost here! Check out my early access info and content below 🙂

Sul Sul,

Channel your inner hipster barista with specialty coffee and delicious treats!

Create an ambitious small-business café space for your Sims in the latest update of The Sims FreePlay!

Unlock a multi-story café location when you complete the Café Grandé live event!

Brand-new prizes will help you style a vintage café interior and include an exposed brick and multi-story floral wallpaper, crate tables, wooden retro furniture, a coffee machine, food display and more!

Become a Downtown Developer by completing our new event!

Work with Joe the Geologist to mine resources and unlock a glamorous 3-story apartment, filled with modern décor!

Introducing new long beards, male hairstyles and new glasses styles for adult Sims!

Players can now select a face type and facial hair from separate categories in any wardrobe!

Here are the playable event dates for this update:

● New! Downtown Developer event. This event is available immediately once the update launches and will remain in the game (there is no set timeframe to engage with this event).

● New! Café Grandé live event: 10-day event, running between Oct 22nd and Nov 5th

● Ghost Flustered seasonal quest re-run: 9-day quest, starting Oct 23rd

● Boutique Hair hobby event re-run: 7-day event, running between Nov 1st and Nov 10th

● Time Capsule seasonal quest re-run: 6-day quest, available to start between Nov 4th and Nov 24th
● New! SimChase season 8 – Café Conundrums!: 7-day event, running between Nov 7th and Nov 17th
● New! Maternity Pack 8: Start and complete a Pregnancy Event between Nov 15th and Nov 30th

● Urban Furniture hobby event re-run: 8-day event, starting Nov 24th

● Grand Garages live event re-run: 10-day event, running between Nov 20th and Nov Dec 2nd