Pink Parcel Feb 2018

Here we have it, February’s pink parcel! This is going to be a very brief blog post as I haven’t actually tried much of the stuff in the box yet. Most of it was more of a luxury this month, which is fine, it just may take longer for me to actually use the products.

Here’s what I got…

Vitamasque ~ Full size Manuka Honey Sheet Mask

Not great for us vegans but crossing my fingers for that ‘I’m a vegan so I’d like to opt out of non-vegan products please’ button soon.

Yuyo ~ Sachet of Grapefruit and Rosehip tea

I don’t drink a whole lot of herbal tea so my Dad generally gets all of them XD He hasn’t been over yet to review this one lol

Emily Victoria Candles ~ Double chocolate chip wax melt

The smell of this one is intoxicating! I definitely need to be in a chocolate mood when I burn it, wow!

Doisy & Dam ~ Dark chocolate bar 25 g

This was quite yum! Me and Ryan shared it and were pleasantly surprised.

Scentered Love Luxury Mini Therapy Balm ~ Mini

I’m not sure it works but it smells nice and feels like a cute thing to do.

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics ~ Green Tea Primer 20 ml

Haven’t used it yet but like that it’s vegan 🙂

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer ~ Full size

Really looking forward to using this one. Although it’s a bronzer it does say on it to use on cheeks so it’s a blusher imo. Super pretty!

PS. Sorry for the occasional blurry photo, trying some new camera settings.